Preggo Diaries: Vol. 1

                            Truly Julie at week 24, week 25, and week 26.                                    Catch her weekly “Bump Day Hump Day” progress here.          photo(13)Alright, mamas and mamas-to-be. You’ve reached out asking how I’m so energetic and “fit” during pregnancy, so here’s the brief rundown. I go to The Dailey Method once a week for a barre workout. The idea is that your post-delivery body will bounce back faster if it has muscle memory from the core-focused exercises while your pre-delivery body will gain strength to endure all the dramatic changes. I also go to a prenatal yoga class once a week, also at The Dailey Method. Both have been helping me with my back issues. I’m not a natural side sleeper! The Venice studio also offers a Dailey Baby Barre photo(12)class so once my little one arrives, I won’t need a babysitter just for that hour of workout. Not to mention, I’ll have the cutest workout mate strapped onto my body! If that’s too much, they have free childcare upstairs. For cardio, I go to Soul Cycle once a week. I ride conservatively so that my heart rate doesn’t exceed 160 beats/minute. So, barre, yoga, and spin is my usual routine for the week. The combo helps keep my energy up and my muscles supple…for the growing aches! As for diet, I eat everything and anything! Well, I try to stay away from junk food, so that I don’t give my baby diabetes…but I definitely indulge. My doctor recommends that I gain a total of 25 pounds by the end of pregnancy, so I’m trying to gain 17 pounds in the next 3 months. I know I know, in our skinny obsessed society, it sounds odd to say you’re trying to gain weight, but I’m just trying to deliver the healthiest baby while having a rather fast metabolism. My goal is for my baby to weigh 7 pounds at delivery. With all this said, I’ll be honest. Despite the energy you might see on-air, I’m exhausted! But I heard it gets easier once the baby arrives. KIDDING!

The 66th Emmys: Jimmy Fallon Calls me

                                   Truly Julie at the 66th Primetime Emmys!photo 3(1)photo(10)I’ve covered a lot of award shows, but I think this year’s Emmys was my favorite so far. Mainly because my unbornphoto(11) child got a lot of attention from Jimmy Fallon (watch here!) and because I also managed to complete the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, involuntarily, on the red carpet (insert silly grin). Many of you have reached out to me via social media asking me my wardrobe deets so they are! Fashion Front: Dress: vintage Lillie Rubin, Pearl Choker: Anarchy Street (though, the more perfect accessory is Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), Red Lipstick: Shu Uemura: RD 165.

It’s Not Brain Surgery…Just a Few Bucks:)

                                      Help Truly Julie find a cure for brain tumor!Screen shot 2014-08-17 at 9.56.39 AM11 months ago, I discovered that I had a fist-size tumor near the center of my brain.  Before I could even begin to process that life-changing news, I had to start figuring out the path forward – what were my treatment options? What provider should I choose? And so on.   I was very fortunate… the tumor was benign (but still needed to be removed), I had health insurance, and I had an immensely supportive and caring network of friends, family, and colleagues

But even with incredible luck and resources, this was by far the most overwhelming journey I have ever faced. Those who have dealt with serious medical problems themselves or alongside loved ones know that you are not prepared for the experience.  Each decision, and there countless little ones along the way, carries enormous weight – should I choose the surgery plan that risks my vision or my speech?   More than ever you feel that time is precious, but also that you need to get treatment as soon as possible, and yet it frustratingly clear that medical system doesn’t work around your schedule.  And brilliant, experienced doctors can look at the same set of facts and give you vastly different opinions – how can you get informed and choose the right doctor?  And then there are the financial implications of your choices, and how those care choices fit into your health insurance.  All of this is happening when you are at your most vulnerable.  For 2.5 months, I went to work everyday, put on a smile on-air as if nothing was wrong. No one at work knew that I would rush home everyday after work, to research research research and cry.

I wish that no one had to go through this process but the reality is that nearly everyone will face a serious medical problem at some point. That is basically out of our control.  But we can prepare the groundwork so that those who face the same circumstances in the future will have better, more organized resources and hopefully easier choices.   With that in mind, my husband and I are participating in the Los Angeles Brain Tumor Walk to raise money for brain tumor awareness, resources, and research. Whether you give a $1 or $10 or $100, all of it will go towards finding a cure and helping people with tumors navigate the process. Brain tumors are more common than you think… I get emails daily from viewers and friends who are either dealing with it themselves or helping a loved one fight.

Please choose to help. It’s not brain surgery, just a few clicks:)

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 8.19.40 PM

New Take on Maternity Wear?!

Truly Julie behind-the-scenes at So You Think You Can’s not just about the dancing; it’s about the whole presentation! The costume team at So You Think You Can Dance pumps out 60-90 dazzling outfits every 3 days. The costume department consists of 3-5 seamstresses and just 1 designer. I met up with Emmy winning costumer, Marina Toybina (she did all of Taylor Swift’s “Red” tour costumes!), to talk about what it takes to create the ‘wow’ factor, all the while insuring that there are no wardrobe malfunctions. After all, the SYTYCD dancers put these costumes to the test! Now…something, um, magical (or denial) happens when you don these gorgeous costumes. For that, watch here. Just in case you’re curious, I’m 19 weeks pregnant here.

Fashion Front!

                                           Truly Julie at the 2014 LA Emmys. photo(6)I was honored to be a presenter at the LA Area Emmys! For the special occasion, I mixed high-low fashion. Gown: H&M Conscious (kudos to H&M for creating the eco-friendly collection). Clutch: Lanvin. Jewelry: Vram. The Baby Bump: All mine!(I’m 4.5 months here) *BIG THANKS for this shout out @MingleTVnetwork and @QuinnMarie!

Comic Con: I Came. I Saw. I Tried to Become an Anime.

           Truly Julie dressed up as a viking from “How to Train Your Dragon”. photo(5)You walk around anywhere with a knocked out tooth and people stare. At Comic Con?! Nobody bats an eye. I’ve never felt so boring in my life! Luckily, most folks at Comic Con are pretty friendly and inclusive. Watch here as I bond with fellow Comic Con goers…to the point of singing Kumbaya! Plus, clips of my live coverage throughout Good Day LA.

2 Weddings and a Baby!


Truly Julie and hubby, Leif, at their “wedding” rehearsal night.The theme: Glamping!

photo(4)I dropped a lot of bombshells this past week. Our July 12th wedding was actually our 2nd! Leif and I eloped last October, just one month after my brain tumor diagnosis. The reason photo (74)is perhaps the least and the most romantic. Leif was the only person with me during my brain surgery. So, in the case of any major split-second decisions in the operating room, he needed to be my “husband.” Furthermore, Leif’s insurance was much more comprehensive than mine. Leif was emotionally and logistically taking care of me:)
You could say the Good Day LA family was surprised by the photoelopement news. Watch! Only thing that could top this moment was the BIG news on my little news that I shared just the following day. Watch! I’ll share more wedding #1 (elopement) and wedding #2 pictures in the weeks to come, but for now, I wanted to share this hilarious video from our Hammersky Vineyard nuptials . Thanks SLO Motions for the memmmmm…ooooor…..riesssss (insert slow speech).

I’m Getting Married!!

Truly Julie is off to get hitched!photo(2)It’s not about the destination. It’s not about the journey. It’s about the seatmate. I found my seatmate…and thus, I’m off to become a Mrs! My apologies for the low posts these last few weeks, but we’ve been planning a wedding! I can’t wait to share more..but for now, I thank you for all your positive thoughts. I’ve read every single message you’ve sent me via twitter, instagram, and facebook…and your well wishes are adding so much to this very special moment in my life. Thank you so so so much. Love & Light, BRIDE!

Good Day New York Reunion: Laughter, Tears, & a Whole Lotta Love!

Reunited and it feels so good! Truly Julie visits her Good Day New York family! (from left: Rosanna Scotto, Greg Kelly, and WNYW General Manager, Lew Leone) photo

The legendary Maya Angelou said: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” And that is most certainly the case with me and Good Day New York…and New York in general! I will photo(1)NEVER forget all the love and light you have shown my way–in health & in sickness! My GDNY family, thank you thank you thank you for such a warm visit. And to The Lighthouse Guild International (formerly The Lighthouse International), my deepest gratitude for having me as your keynote speaker at the scholarship luncheon. Let’s all remember: you don’t have to have see to have a vision! If you missed my Good Day New York visit, catch it here. Please try not to look at my fake eyelashes slowly falling off my face:) I blame Rosanna Scotto! I saw a tear trickle down her cheek and it was game over.

Changchella: a Bridal Festival Full of Love, Laughter & Lingerie!

                         Truly Julie (bridal) showered with so much love and light!photo (1)

I’d be lucky to have just one friend who is thoughtful, creative, fun, loving, smart, inspirational, caring, loyal and generous, but somehow, I hit the jackpot in the friendship lotto and I ended up with a dozen or so friends who are all freaking ROCK STAR human beings. This weekend (in person & in spirit) they threw me a bachelorette party/bridal shower that was so festive that we could only call it: Changchella. With handmade REAL flower crowns, boho chicness galore, and a sunset worthy of a postcard, these ladies created the most epic bride-to-be weekend. They were there when I was sick…and they are here as I embrace perhaps one of the happiest moments in my life. I’m so glad I’m able to give them a better reason to celebrate these days. Now excuse me as I need to try on a trunk full of beautiful things!