I’m Getting Married!!

Truly Julie is off to get hitched!photo(2)It’s not about the destination. It’s not about the journey. It’s about the seatmate. I found my seatmate…and thus, I’m off to become a Mrs! My apologies for the low posts these last few weeks, but we’ve been planning a wedding! I can’t wait to share more..but for now, I thank you for all your positive thoughts. I’ve read every single message you’ve sent me via twitter, instagram, and facebook…and your well wishes are adding so much to this very special moment in my life. Thank you so so so much. Love & Light, BRIDE!

Good Day New York Reunion: Laughter, Tears, & a Whole Lotta Love!

Reunited and it feels so good! Truly Julie visits her Good Day New York family! (from left: Rosanna Scotto, Greg Kelly, and WNYW General Manager, Lew Leone) photo

The legendary Maya Angelou said: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” And that is most certainly the case with me and Good Day New York…and New York in general! I will photo(1)NEVER forget all the love and light you have shown my way–in health & in sickness! My GDNY family, thank you thank you thank you for such a warm visit. And to The Lighthouse Guild International (formerly The Lighthouse International), my deepest gratitude for having me as your keynote speaker at the scholarship luncheon. Let’s all remember: you don’t have to have see to have a vision! If you missed my Good Day New York visit, catch it here. Please try not to look at my fake eyelashes slowly falling off my face:) I blame Rosanna Scotto! I saw a tear trickle down her cheek and it was game over.

Changchella: a Bridal Festival Full of Love, Laughter & Lingerie!

                         Truly Julie (bridal) showered with so much love and light!photo (1)

I’d be lucky to have just one friend who is thoughtful, creative, fun, loving, smart, inspirational, caring, loyal and generous, but somehow, I hit the jackpot in the friendship lotto and I ended up with a dozen or so friends who are all freaking ROCK STAR human beings. This weekend (in person & in spirit) they threw me a bachelorette party/bridal shower that was so festive that we could only call it: Changchella. With handmade REAL flower crowns, boho chicness galore, and a sunset worthy of a postcard, these ladies created the most epic bride-to-be weekend. They were there when I was sick…and they are here as I embrace perhaps one of the happiest moments in my life. I’m so glad I’m able to give them a better reason to celebrate these days. Now excuse me as I need to try on a trunk full of beautiful things! 

Creating “Moments”!

                                  Truly Julie with her Good Day LA gang!


One of the best part about working at Good Day LA is learning from the legendary Steve Edwards. He always says the best TV is when you create memorable moments that are completely organic and unplanned. I’d say we did just that today when discussing the true meaning of Steve’s country song, “Be My Love Tonight.” For those of you who don’t know, Steve released an album many moons ago! Any who, here we were thinking that the song was about love when in reality it was about Steve wanting just a one night stand!! You don’t have to imagine our reaction because all here! Enjoy.


Fiesta Broadway Makes My Heart Sing!

Truly Julie with Good Day LA fan, Viv!FiestaBroadway2THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all those who came by Fiesta Broadway this Sunday. I was beyond moved by so many of you who asked about my health. I welled up with tears when one woman who had a brain tumor removed just a month ago grabbed me by my hands and said, “I saw you, and what you went through…and it helped me to stop being scared. I said, ‘If she can go through this and be ok, so can I’.” We showed each other our head incision scars and instantaneously, I new the song in her heart and she knew mine. I was also tickled to the max to meet “GDLA’s #1 fan”, @VivGdimples (twitter). With her vibrant personality (almost as bright as her red hair!) and dimples to die-for, Viv cried tears of joy after meeting the Good Day LA gang. We are so flattered and truth be told, I got a bit emotional to see her get all emotional:) And FiestaBroadway1big kudos to our loyal fan, @Mr_abs83 (instagram) and his awesome kids for stopping by…as usual! The above left photo is from Taste Of Soul last year, and on the right, Fiesta Broadway from this Sunday. I love that his daughter got braces and his son lost a tooth since then. Kids, they grow up so fast! Again, it was so great meeting so many folks face-to-face. I said this before and I’ll say it again; my speedy recovery from being sick was the result of all the positive light sent by so many of YOU. My deepest gratitude and here’s to many more Fiesta Broadways! Here’s footage from Fiesta Broadway.

Truly Julie Fashion Front!

photo (72)I got so many “likes” on this outfit on Instagram (I’m @TrulyJulieChang)…that I just had to share. Tunic $17 dollars! Boots $10!! Both from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Only thing pricey on this outfit is the Etro belt. I can’t remember the price because it’s from so many years ago, but I think it was $250. I’m all about mixing high-low fashion!

Healing Hugs from Johnny Depp?!

photoNot one, not two, but 3 hugs from Johnny Depp! So, here’s how it went down. I was interviewing Johnny regarding his sci-fi thriller Transcendence. The movie looks at the good, the bad, and the pure evil of what happens when artificial intelligence takes over. It’s a concept most commonly known as Singularity….when computers outsmart human beings. The movie includes lots of sick people getting a 2nd chance through the advancement of technology. But what happens when that technology is taken too far is the focus of Transcendence. Clearly, I’ve had my own health battles. I shared with Johnny on how torn I am regarding this topic because had it not been for technology I probably wouldn’t be alive. For those of you who don’t know. I had a fist size brain tumor removed a few months ago. My interview time with Johnny was SUPER short, perhaps 2 minutes or so. They stopped rolling the cameras during what I think was the most beautiful moment of Johnny I’ve ever seen. As I got up to leave the room, he chased me down. He gives me a hug and says, “I’m so glad you’re ok.” Then, another genuine hug. He stares deeply into my eyes and says, “I just wanted to tell you that I know what you’re feeling. My mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor recently….and she is also OK because of modern medicine. She takes a single pill a day and that makes her OK.” He embraces me again and says, “Take GOOD care of yourself.” At this moment, all of his handlers, who were just before yelling at me to get out of the room so the next interview can start…pause. I think we were all floored by his sensitivity. Despite his enormous fame, Johnny has kept his soul supple. If in the slim slim slim chance Johnny is reading this…THANK YOU for your healing hugs. I hope you can vicariously pass along my hugs to your mom.

Transcendence opens in theaters Friday, April 18th. To watch my interview with Johnny, click here!

Happy Campers!

                                           Truly Julie and her fiancé in Malibu.blogEngagementSome weddings, if not most, carry the tone of the left photo. Beachy, crisp, and well orchestrated. However, my man and I more like the photo on the right. We are not fancy, formal people…just two Midwestern kids in love and always ready for fun! That’s why our wedding theme will be Summer Camp! Think Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom (how cute is that movie?!). We’ll have BBQ, S’mores, dancing under the stars, no high heels and! Lots of silliness and laughter. Because that’s more us. Though, thanks to one of the most talented photographers I know (www.JoshKaplanPhoto.net)…we got to fake it for one afternoon.

Road to Recovery and Back on the Road!

                    Truly Julie has never been so happy to be stuck in traffic!photo (69)TumorSideBySideA little more than 4 months ago, I lost half my vision. My tumor had grown so large and had been in my brain for so many years that it had become part of my vascular system. So when the talented UCSF surgeons scraped that sucker out, the tracks from my brain to my eyes were impacted. Some specialists said that my vision would never improve. Others said it would slightly improve but that it could take years. But this past photo (68)week, the unthinkable happened. A miracle. I gained enough of my field of vision to once again DRIVE. Yeah, if you saw a girl driving around town with a freakishly big smile, that was me! It’s funny. Before I got sick, I spent way too much time complaining about LA traffic and just how much I hate driving. Post surgery and incredibly dependent for rides…grocery shopping, haircuts, the gym, doctor appointments, and even getting to and from work, all of it seemed like a VIP pass I couldn’t access. I’m not sure why and how I was able to heal so well, but here’s what I do know. It is through struggle that we reveal what we are truly made of. You can’t always control your health, but you can control your mind. I tried my best to view my sickness as an opportunity to really test my will to live my best life. I got to see the compassionate side of so many friends and colleagues who were kind enough to lug me around:) And when no one was available, I took the bus. Life can be a bumpy road, but I’m convinced that you can steer it towards a better outlook. Here’s a clip of me sharing the good news with my Good Day LA family!