Farm-to-Table Dim Sum?! Brilliant!

My family does not play around when it comes to food. In fact…in the Korean language…there’s no direct translation for…”How are you?”. So often times…people will ask…”What did you eat today?”. I guess it’s because being able to eat well and enjoy good food is a sign of health. Up until my dad passed away…the first words out of his mouth when he called me were…”Did you eat today..and was it yummy?” I love that. My family and I recently enjoyed an AMAZING dim sum (which is Chinese brunch) at Red Farm. The above left picture is there delish pork buns. Red Farm is not your cornstarch gelatin…super greasy Chinese food. It’s farm-to-table so the ingredients are organic and fresh…and they don’t drown it in oil so you can actually taste the freshness. My personal favorite was the pork belly rice noodle salad here on the right. The ambiance of the West Village eatery is quite charming…farm accoutrements hanging here and there…plants in mixed matched pots…lanterns hanging on a wire…very charming. But the best part is the food! Starting top left, clockwise: Katz’s pastrami egg roll. I know…waaaaaaat. They also have several different kinds of dumplings on the menu including crispy duck and lobster. My mom pulled a rookie move with the soupy dumpling. You’re supposed to gently place in spoon and eat it in one bite so you get the sealed-in soup broth in your mouth…not on your plate. Oops. And last but not least, my family too busy pigging out to give me a decent picture:) To their health!

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