My Beloved White Bikini…

                                              Truly Julie in the Maldives!

What a blankie is to a toddler…my white bikini is to me. I’ve had the same Vix white bikini for years…and whether it’s a trip halfway around the world to the Philippines or the Maldives…or common weekend jaunts to Miami (The Delano is my absolute favorite pool in the whole world!) …I’ve gotten pretty amazing mileage out of this white bikini. For me…it conjures up the most joyful…sunny memories…and since I’ve been feeling a bit of the February blues…I had to reminisce! I’m already apprehensive about what I will do once this bikini wears out. Yeah yeah…I could probably find another one in this age of ebay…but it just wouldn’t be my white bikini…the one that’s been with me through so many life grasping voyages. Luckily for now…the bikini is still somewhat in good shape. Translation? I can’t wait to toss it in the suitcase for more beach adventures! (Folks…I post these pictures because I love sharing about my travels. Out of respect…please refrain from leaving inappropriate comments)

Truly Julie at the Delano, Miami.        Truly Julie on El Nido island, Philippines.









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