If you Dress to Impress…then Store to the Core! Thank You New York Daily News!

I constantly strum up new ways to house my clothes/shoes/accessories (i.e. guitar case for my jewelry) because…well…I have no choice! The kind folks over at New York Daily News noticed my squirreling techniques…and generously gave my small apartment a giant 2-page spread. I’m a bit embarrassed about the world knowing that I store shoes in the oven..but hey…a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. And given my baking skills (or lack there of)…it’s all for the best:) Oh..and I love that my Nelson Mandela doll made it into the bedroom photo! Disabled kids sewed it together in South Africa and they did an incredible job because his fuzzy hair is so lifelike! I bought it 10 years ago in Cape Town and the little guy has been with me ever since…every single apartment I’ve ever had. And despite my sister saying he looks like a voodoo doll (anyone¬†can have a stuffed animal…but a stuffed Nobel Prize Winner??!)…I’m a big fan…he reminds of the real Nelson Mandela’s famous quote: It always seems impossible until its done. And in this spirit…it always seems impossible for me to fit anything new into an already maxed out closet…until it’s done:) Find out how I do it…catch the entire article here including shoes in the oven picture. Big thanks to Gina Pace and Christie Farriella for the fun feature!

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