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Hi! My name is Julie Chang and I’m an entertainment anchor/reporter in Los Angeles. I recently joined the Fox 11 Mornings News and Good Day LA team. This after spending almost 9 years in New York, where I had a fun franchise segment called “Truly Julie”, which inspired the name of my website! I feel extremely blessed to do what I love: share stories! And that’s essentially the focus of this website. I’m in a unique position to explore anything and everything that’s new, hip, fun, adventurous and delicious, and I hope you can vicariously experience these moments through lil’ ol’ me. And trust me, some of the best stuff never makes it on air, so you’ll also find plenty of juicy behind-the-scenes pictures and stories here.

A little bit about my background. I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan from South Korea when I was nine years old. My dad has sadly passed on, but I revel in the warmth of my mom and my two older sisters (and their amazing kids!). I majored in Economics at the University of Michigan and also studied Environmental Studies at Oxford University in the UK. I know, I know, Economics and Environmental Studies…so how did I end up doing Entertainment? I guess I just had to tackle the third “E”. Ha! In all seriousness, I am living my dream because of my somewhat tough teenager-dom. Long story short, I’ve been on my own since I was 15. My parents moved overseas, my sisters moved to NYC, etc., etc.  This allowed me to soul search sooner than most and, simply put, I reached for the stars. So, it’s only fitting I’m here in Hollywood!

My love for journalism was sparked by a study abroad program called Semester at Sea. I sailed around the world for an entire semester, spending time in culturally rich locations such as Cuba, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and Japan. The voyage solidified my lifelong passion: storytelling that can expose, educate and enlighten others. The journey also left me with a monstrous travel bug bite, and since then I’ve traveled to 50 or so countries. Do not fear–I will whisk you away to far off places with my pictures and videos.

I also enjoy good food. So, I’ll be sharing my yummy tales here as well.

Celebrities, Travel, Culture and my favorite “F”s–Fashion, Food, and Family–are all subjects you’ll see here regularly and I hope to share them all with my signature giggle (which sounds a bit like a dolphin/sea otter/Woody Woodpecker). My goal is to make you smile…oh heck…even laugh at least once while surfing through my world. Thanks for stopping by and y’all come back now, ya hear? Cool beans.

Some other places you may recognize me from: “W”, “Lucky”, “New York Moves”, GQ, TimeOut New York and Cosmo Korea magazines. Guest judge on Korea’s “Star King”. Oh! And I also have a tiny cameo in the 2011 feature film “The Smurfs”.

 Twitter: @JulieChang, Instagram: @TrulyJulieChang, Facebook.com/JulieChangFox11 


21 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey Julie, I’m an EMT with the FDNY up in Harlem. Always enjoy seeing you every morning right before I start my shift on the station’s tv! It would make my day to hang out, what do you think?

  2. Hi Julie!
    I’m a huge fan of your work and think your passion for fun and entertainment really comes across when you tell your stories and your laughter is infectious. Thank you for putting up this website. Wishing you all the successes in the world!! May you travel much more, be safe and be happy always!
    Jeff : )

  3. Hi Julie,

    I should have figured I would see you on TV someday. I knew you were destined to be a star when I first saw you, 11 years ago. Do you by chance remember meeting an American guy at a quiet bar in Beijing while you were in the middle of a ‘semester at sea’? You were there with your cousin, we were the only people in the place, and after about the third time you caught me staring at you from across the room you asked me if I was one of your class mates, and I said “no, but where do I sign up?” We had a nice conversation, and you looked so amazing it took everything I had to hold it together and not melt into my chair. You talked about skipping class to watch dolphins and how all the other students were calling you Pocahontas, and the short conversation we had pretty much outshined seeing the great wall, the forbidden city, or anything I saw when I continued on to Japan. When I got home, I told all my buddies that I met the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and she was from Michigan.

    Well, I hope this hasn’t shocked you too much, I guess I should explain how I found this web site. I was goofing off on the internet checking out ways to learn how to play the drums, it is a day dream I always have when I see a set of drums, I always picture myself sitting down and going to town rock star style. Anyways, I came across the piece you did on ‘school of rock’ and thought, holy s…., that’s her… Amazing. You look exactly like you did 11 years ago in Beijing.

    Looks like you are living the dream, best luck and best wishes to you, and stick with the drums, you rocked it.

    • Wow! Where do I even begin. I’ve been told I have a sparkling personality every now and then, but truly, I never EVER thought I’d be so memorable to someone after 11 years, let alone after such a brief encounter. Thank you for making me feel beyond special. I do recall our meeting…but sadly, my memory is not as sharp as your’s. Please don’t take this personally…as I can’t even recall what I had for breakfast! I sleep 4 to 5 hours a day…and have been sleep deprived for the last 8 years, so, I basically have the memory capacity of a puppy.Meanwhile, Mr. Doogie Howser…YOU…can recite every line of our conversation! So impressive. Having a visible job, I get the “remember me from high school…middle school” reach outs, but never a serendipitous note such as this. And rarely…this kind! It’s such a delight meeting you again. I really hope my drumming piece inspires you to pick up the sticks. Honestly…it’s the most fun form of therapy. My next adventure? Salsa lessons! Appreciate you stopping by my blog.

      Cool beans,


  4. where do you get your jewelry? you wear a choker that looks like an ID bracelet that I adore, would love to get for my 34 yr old daughter for a present. Any tips?
    thanks Dana

      • it’s a silver necklace that looks like an ID bracelet thick chain and silver bar in front that looks like it can be engraved, I just love it and would appreciate any hints. your sister designs clothing? what is her lines name? you are so stylish!!

  5. Hi Julie,
    You are so beautiful and a fun person. I always wish and hope I may see you or run into you on the New York scene. Keep up your lovely charisma, high spirit, and lovely charm!! Peter

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog, Peter…and even more so for taking the time to write such a kind note. I try to have fun with life…and am always appreciative when other’s see my light. THANK YOU!

  6. Dear Ms. Chang,
    I am planning this upcoming year’s Harvard Law APALSA Conference, and we would love to have you speak at our conference as a panelist for our Asian Americans in Entertainment panel. Where can I send an formal invite to? We think your rich experiences would provide our attendees with valuable and unique insight.

    Thank you!

  7. Your the best Julie Chang! Please reply!

    I have a really nice twitter layout that I made for you. It would be great if you use it. I’m trying to build images for my portfolio. So reply and let me know if you would like to see it, if so, you can use it, maybe one day you’ll talk about on Fox and actually smile saying you like it. 😀 , That would be great!

    This was my most recent twitter layout for MoBounce on Z100 .

    So, please reply. 😀 , thnks.

    Talk to you soon. Hopefully!

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