Food, Fashion, and Family! My Three Faves in One Night.


If you haven’t noticed…there’s a void of Asian male faces on TV. I forgot the exact stat, but there are apparently 7 or fewer Asian male reporters/anchors in the top 5 TV markets.  So, it is my absolute pleasure to see Richard Lui anchoring every morning on MSNBC.  Before that, he was on CNN Headline News. And for one night, Richard was my co-emcee for an OCA (Organization of Chinese Association) fashion and food event.  Despite me being Korean, the Chinese-American organizers welcomed me with open arms and all together, we applauded fashion designer, Zang Toi. The Malaysian native has been designing beautiful clothes in the US for more than 20 years. He’s dressed countless celebrities…but most people recognize his face from a few of the “Real Housewives of New York” episodes. At the OCA show, held at the historic Surrogate Courthouse in downtown Manhattan, Toi shared his all-star designs from past seasons. If you notice a sweat bead or two on the models(and everyone else!), it’s because the building wasn’t air-conditioned and it was sweltering! That didn’t stop Zang Toi from showcasing some of his best fall and winter designs.  The jovial designer was wearing a wool kilt himself!

I have to say,though…the highlight for me was sharing the night with my sister, Grace Sun, and my mom, who came straight from the airport to catch me emcee!  From my awful 5th grade plays to my daily on-air spots, my mom has always been my #1 viewer.  The fabulous night was wrapped up with some humble dining. We chowed on galbi (Korean BBQ beef) and nang myun (cold potato noodle soup, sort of like gazpacho) at Silla restaurant in K-Town. It was a “Truly Julie” night of dichotomy….wearing a beaded dress from a black tie event straight to a divey dining place. What a delicious combo.

Fashion Front: Asos dress, Jimmy Choo shoes

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