Thank You Cosmo Korea!

ย Truly Julie striking a pose for Cosmopolitan Korea September 2012 issue.Fun. Fearless. And Female. I’ve trudged through many obstacles in this tough city we call New York in an effort to possess these attributes (the third one by default) and guess who noticed? Cosmo Magazine!! In the September 2012 Cosmo Korea issue, I’m featured as 1 of the 10 “powerful” Korean women in NYC. I’m not sure I agree or deserve the lofty title, but heck, put me Gucci head-to-toe…and I definitely feel…”powerful”! Thank you Cosmo Korea for the kind feature. I was mad I didn’t get to keep the clothes but once I got a hug from Elmo…I got over it:) Below is a very grainy scan of my photo in the issue. For better quality and also to see who else made the list, I hope y’all go pick up an issue while it’s still on stands. New Yorkers, I believe Korea Town on 32nd St. has copies.ย