Grandmas Gone Wild

                                                           Charlotte and OJ
I recently had a tea party…complete with fancy hats…with some unusual suspects: my brother-in-law’s mom Charlotte and my mom. I swear…if I had some extra cash to throw around…I would create a reality show on these two. They are hysterical. Charlotte will tell you hours of the most unimaginable stories without ever taking a breath…all in a volume that’s audible from one end of the football field to perhaps the next stadium…and in a quite entertaining Chinese-Queens accent. My mom speaks with a thick Korean accent….and formulates her sentences like Yoda. So let’s say she wants to tell someone they look pretty…in OJ language…it would be…”So pretty you are.” She also likes to
add the word “the” at the end of whatever she says…”So cute the”…”So fun the”…and so forth…THE (pun intended)! Any who…I took the two out
for breakfast recently…then on our stroll back to my apt for ginseng tea with kumquat…we bought really fun fascinators/hats from a street vendor. The two were giggling like school girls over our dress-up tea party. I love that they defy the odds of an in-law relationship…they are bffs! My nephew Odin is so lucky to have two adoring grandmas in his life. I grew up with almost zero grandparent presence…so it warms my heart to see a different situation for Odin. So much of their conversation gets lost in translation…but I guess friendship is like’s universal. Hats (on) off to that!