Dear 2012…

So much to wish and hope for in the new year…but I guess the most immediate would be to make sure “Tonight’s
gonna be a good night”! (Truly Julie with Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo on the left) And to lead a more purposeful life such as Jane Goodall…who’s devoted her whole life to preserving our wildlife. Oh…and since I am a giggle maniac…I’d love to embrace more humor a la Kathy Griffin or Chris Rock. I’d also like to be more bold and fearless e.g., Ricky Gervais. And on the career front…I’d love to mix it up all the while never mince a word i.e., Ryan Seacrest.














And in 2012…I’d also like to embody William W. Purkey’s quote: “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like it’s heaven on earth.”…case in point…the Glee cast!




Work ethics wise…I aim to not settle for complacency…such as Steve Carell. He walked away from his hit show “The Office”…because he felt unchallenged and wanted to grow. That’s inspiring. Oh…and I hope to be as hard working as Joan Rivers…who at age 78 could still kick my butt. Also in 2012…I hope to continue crossing paths with those who are the best in their niche i.e., Simon Cowell & LA Reid…and who knows…maybe their “X factor” will rub on me:)

Health wise…my wish is to be as strong, supple…and..auh…sexually vigorous…as sex therapist Dr. Ruth! Also in the new year…I hope to be as innovative as James Cameron and fashion icon Patricia Field. These folks always think outside the box. And I also aspire to be an urban super woman…a la my sister Grace Sun and Rosanna Scotto. From designing to blogging to mothering…Grace is always 10 steps ahead. Rosanna is the unofficial mayor of NYC all the while getting up at 4AM everyday to co-host Good Day New York…she is the ultimate mother hen at Fox 5…and to her nuclear family at home.
















I’ll also continue to refine my dorkiness …because like Zooey Deschanel…it’s cool to embrace your inner nerd. And I figure what makes me different and quirky…will be the unique factor that takes my game to the next explosive level…maybe like Paula Patton! From starring in “Precious” to “Mission Impossible” to being married to Robin Thicke…she’s on it! Life is about finding “Your Song”…and I hope mine becomes a hit like one of Elton John’s master pieces:) Hmm…what else…maybe in the new year…I’ll cook more…e.g., Guy Fieri. OK…now that’s just crazy talk…so I better end on a strong note. My goal for 2012 and beyond is to have the kind of lasting love found by my parents 40 plus years ago and raise a healthy family! Happy New Year!!!







Emmys Sneak Peak, Set Tour of “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” & The X Factor World Premiere Screening!

I just wrapped up my third 18 hour work day so this post will be brief (and probably full of spelling/grammer mistakes..ha!)…but I wanted to bring you the latest out of LA. The day started with all the preps for the Emmys including the red carpet roll out with host Jane Lynch and producer Mark Burnett. They are really focusing on being green this year…so the red carpet will be donated to Habitat for Humanity post Emmys & they will also use solar panel energy for some of the production. I got a glimpse inside the Nokia Theater…complete with picture marked seats. Lets just say…whomever sits closer to the stage equals more star power. Steve Carell is definitely front row. And shhh..don’t tell, but I noticed Glee’s Chris Colfer is sitting front row…but Lea Michele got booted to the 2nd row. All the funkadelic colors on the stage is to test all the different lighting hues.  Here’s the most important detail you need to know about the Emmys…that I’ll be hosting a half hour post Emmys special on Sunday night 11:30PM-12AM on Fox 5:)


After chilling and talking with Jane Lynch (do not fear, she will be dancing and singing come Sunday night)…who was so so so gracious with her time (she rushed off after the interview to finish writing the award’s scripts!)…I got a sneak peak inside the Governor’s Ball. This is where the stars will party right after the Emmys. The decor inside is beyond decadent. Chandeliers galore! My favorite is the woman on top of a 40 foot chandelier skirt. Very Gaga-esque.

I felt like cattle today…being herded and rushed from one location to the next. I guess that’s what happens when you’re covering the launch of what seems like a dozen shows in 3 days + a set tour of the upcoming show “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” (starring Jamie Pressly and 2 time Tony Award winner, Katie Finneran) + all the Emmy’s preps. Oh! And the world premiere of what will be the biggest show on television: The X Factor.

The X Factor red carpet was electrifying! I caught up with host Steve Jones and Paula Abdul’s manager, Marty….and the best…I did “Asian poses” with Simon Cowell’s better half, Mezghan.

She is such a beauty inside and out. He’s very lucky to have found her. Mezghan stunned the crowd in her Victoria Beckham blue sheath and killer Jimmy Choo studded heels. In fact…all the ladies smashed it with their looks tonight. Paula looks better than ever…and Nicole Scherzinger has the best figure and skin on the planet. She may be a robot.

That’s a wrap for this tired, sleepy….extremely blessed reporter!

Fox Rolls Out its Fall Shows Including The X Factor!

I’m in LA this week covering all the new Fox shows for this fall…including the X Factor! Reunited and it feels so good (insert Peaches & Herb tune)…the lovely Paula Abdul is back with Simon Cowell…and she says The X Factor will prompt some serious tears. And smiles:) Believe it or not..she says Nicole Scherzinger cries more than she does! Paula just finished taping the “Judges Home” episode, where she mentored 8 contestants at her home…then whittled it down to just 4 contestants! Catch all theThe X Factor action when it launches September 21st on Fox.

Mark my words…Steve Jones, the handsome host of The X Factor, will be the biggest star in the US, and perhaps the world, in a year. He is the whole package: wits, charm, looks, and heart. But don’t look for this dream boat on twitter…he’s quite anti. This is Steve and me doing our best “Zoolander” face. After all, this Welsh lad was discovered by Elle magazine! Lucky for us..he parlayed his modeling gig to hosting what will be the biggest show on television. The X Factor is going to crush it!

I also have huge respect for LA Reid. What a classy, genuine guy. He helped usher the career of…well…Usher! And so many others e.g. Justin Bieber, Pink, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and the list goes on for miles…and yet, he’s still so nice and real. I really look forward to seeing him mentor/judge on The X Factor. He’s also a skilled drummer…so I hope to one day hit the sticks with him!

The Fox Fall Junket also celebrates the new season launch of returning shows. Expect Glee to shed some of its glamour..and get down to the basics of character and relationship development. Expect less celebrity guest stars, homage theme episodes and more family! I’m told we’ll meet the parents of the main characters this season. I ran into Lea Michele (AKA Rachel Berry) at the Fox Eco/Casino Party. She just got back from New York Fashion Week…so she was beaming with wicked style. She did that J.Mendel dress proud.

More pics from my LA adventures in the picture gallery below. More to come tomorrow as well!