Ahoy! Great Captain’s Island!

            Truly Julie leaping at the chance to visit a semi-private island!This is our campaign to bring back those cheesy Mentos commercials from the 90’s. Mentos the freshmaker! Kidding! Though…it could apply:) Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Great Captain’s Island in Connecticut. It’s a hop and a skip of a boat ride from Greenwich (10-15mins)…but not gonna lie…it’s a bit of an exclusive place. You have to be a Greenwich resident…or a guest of one (Thanks Dan and Sarah!). So there you go…a reason to start befriending those Stepford Wives (Sarah…you are anything but). But with this exclusivity…you get the perks of a very quiet, clean, quaint island. And since it’s free to dream…I liked checking out the glorious mansions with the impossibly well manicured lawns en route to the island. Now if I can only figure out how to get invited to one of Martha Stewart’s barbecues. Should’ve mentioned it to her here. I wish each and everyone of you a splendid summer!

Royal Fete in NYC: Celebrating the Joseon Dynasty at the Met!

Holy Moly! Wowzer! Jeez Louise! There just aren’t enough reactionary words or exclamation points to describe the Monday night fete at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met). “The King of Joseon in New York: Night of Korea’s Royal Costume & Cuisine” celebrated the Joseon Dynasty (dates back to 1300’s!) and its rich imprint on the Korean culture.

Marth Stewart…THE domestic goddess… was so impressed with these food displays (placed in front of the King and Queen of Joseon, played by A-list Korean stars)
that she walked up to each decorative, edible tower to snap close-up pictures. Let me just say…she is 70 years YOUNG. Gorgeous skin and bouncy, shiny hair!

The Hanbok fashion show was out of this world. I mean…the Great Hall with its majestic dome at the Met was the freakin’ catwalk! It featured the exquisite work of designer Hae-soon Kim. Hanbok is the traditional Korean dress. It is most recognized for its bell-shaped silhouette and layers of vibrant silk organza…but Hae-soon Kim included some very avant garde numbers that made the demure Hanbok so…hot! After viewing the 80 angelic pieces…stylist icon Patricia Fields (who styled every Sex & the City episode and the movies!) told me…”This tops any of the fashion week shows I’ve seen this year…this is my absolute favorite.” BOLD and worthy compliment.
My boss and mentor Dennis Swanson was one of the VIP guests of the evening. He sits on the board of the Asian American Federation of New York…so he’s clearly a fan of my culture! UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon also made some remarks. He grew up during the Korean War…so to see this lavish party…he was extremely proud of the economic progress of our little country:) Runway show in the Great Hall…Dinner in the glass pyramid room at the Met…not bad…not bad all.